Quick Tips for your Home

September 2008 Issue #1

In this Issue...

1.) First Impressions Count -- Whether you are selling your home or just dressing up what you have, your entry is a great place to start.

2.) Use Gold! -- One of the latest design trends is using gold as an accent.

3.) Container gardens for more impact -- A little planning goes a long way in putting together a container garden.

First Impressions

You know how you feel when you pull up to your home and it looks a little messy? Things that are out of place pop out at you.

You might not think about it. But the next time you walk up to your home take a second to look around.

If something doesn't feel right, adjust it. These first impressions have an impact on you every day.

If you have ever read anything about Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) they talk about this all the time.

Here is how you can start.

1.) Remove all decorations and potted plants

2.) Clean and repair, sidewalk, walls, door, every part of your entry that you see.

3.) Now replace you door mat with a new one if the old one is worn out.

4.) Put back potted plants only if they are healthy. Replace them with fresh if they don't look nice. Maybe repot plants in new containers to add a pop of color.

5.) Replace only your favorite decorations. The simpler the entry the more welcoming it will be. Try only using half of what you had.

If you do this exercise your entry will be renewed and each time you come home it will feel better. Try it today.

Use Gold!

This is a chance to go through some of your old decorations and bring them back out again. You know the gilt frames and candle holders you put away when silver and brushed nickle became all the rage.

Here are 5 ways to add some element of gold to your decorating to warm up the space.

1.) Spread some sparkle around your rooms with reflective gold accent pieces. Shiny objects in a room add an element of drama. Especially at night as the lighting brings it out.

2.) Add a bit of Old World gold in your kitchen and give it that Tuscan feeling. Using terra cotta and grayed greens as accent colors will pull it all together.

3.) Use a soft gold as an accent wall in your breakfast room or Kitchen.It is a great way to brighten the start of your day.

4.) Use metallic gold accents in your dining room to add a rich feel. Add gold-colored metallic napkin rings at the place settings and candlestick holders at the centerpiece.

5.) In the master bedroom or den / living room, change out your lamp shades for black ones with a gold lining. This will add a nice glow to the room in the evening. Hopefully the lamp bases will be golden in color too. Wow.

Thanks to Barbara Jennings crs/css for these tips.

Container Gardens

Container gardens allow you to create a theme in one spot. When selecting plants the standard rules apply.

1.) The container counts as a color work with the pot to get you started. Cool, or warm colors. If you are adventurous contrast to create drama.

a. Terra cotta is a warm color, choose flowers and plants that have yellows, oranges, reds and browns in them.

b. Glazed pots that are cool colors like greens and cobalt blue look really nice with cool themes. Choose plants and flowers that have blues, grays, and white in them.

c. For drama go for the contrast. Put the opposite colors in for that pop! Cobalt Blue pots look great with red or pink geraniums in them.

2.) Don't worry about mixing different types of plants together. Combine textures for interest. Use annuals with perennials. Just make sure they have the same light and water requirements. That information is on the tags. Cluster them in groups at the nursery to get an idea of how they look together.

3.) Arrange the plants according to height. Tall in the center,then medium then trailing or low growers that will lay over the edge. Vines and some flowers do this. Cascading type plants add a nice accent to soften the edge of the pot.

4.) Use a slow release pellet type of fertilizer and follow the watering instructions that came with your plant selections.

5.) Now sit back and enjoy the show!

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of the Brevard Home Newsletter. I am looking forward to sharing more fun tips.

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