Quick Tips for your Home

September 2008 Issue #2

In this Issue...

1.) Paint Colors -- What colors can do for the feel of a room.

2.) Quick Staging Tips -- You just got that call! It's time for a showing. Here is you r quick touch up list.

3.) Redesign Quick Tips -- Now that you know more about color, here are tips on adding new colors to your rooms.

Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors for a room can be frustrating! I know, having to decide on how dark or light, will it go with everything. Well, here are some descriptions of colors that will help you decide on color families so to speak.

When choosing a color for a room each room has a function. Is it an active room? Are you supposed to be able to rest easy? Do you want a rich feel? Family rooms, bedrooms, library or dining room, all of these need different treatments.

Here we go...

Red typically excites. It is dramatic and rich. It carries passion. It stimulates one's appetite. Darker shades give a rich and stately feeling. If you do not want to use red for the whole room use it on an accent wall.

Orange is cheerful, bold and exciting; it's friendly and informal and popular now. Darker shades are called rust. Goes well with brown and autumn colors. Another color that does well an an accent wall. Can give a retro or modern feel to a room.

Yellow draws the eye which is why it is chosen for street signs. It is a happy color. Gold tones add an atmosphere of richness. This is a nice color for bathrooms and breakfast rooms. Upbeat and awakening.

Blue is a favorite among Americans. It reminds us of blue skies and the ocean, brings a feeling of serenity and openness. It gives a crisp, clean look. Bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, all of these can use different shades of blue. The darker grayed blues can add elegance.

Green reminds us of nature. It is soothing. It is another clean color. Blue greens are cooling and warm greens like a golden sage can make a room cozy. It is so versatile, it can be used in any room successfully.

Violet makes us think of royalty and wealth. Purple is luxurious. I have used a very soft light lavender and it really goes with a lot of other colors. It was very fresh and soothing. Great for a bedroom.

Brown is definitely organic in nature. Light or dark depending on how you will use the room and how much available light you have. It is relaxing and very easy to live with. Taupe which is a cool brown can be a great neutral. I have used it many times. Once again accent walls can make a big impact.

White makes us think of cleanliness, crispness and is a great neutral for the walls and ceiling. Add a tint of color for an extra twist. Adding white with a blue tint can make a big difference on your ceilings.

Black is authoritarian. It exudes sophistication and also has an Asian and African feeling. Dare I repeat myself, accent wall. Some rooms like dens or media rooms can really turn out great using a dramatic color like this.

Gray is elegance galore. It blends with most colors but is difficult to combine with yellow. Combine with blue and you have a clean, no fuss look. Trim it with white for a really classy look.

Now you have an idea of how these colors work. Be sure to go through any decorating magazines that you get to collect pages with color ideas. You will know what you like. It will help you get a feel of how paint colors look in the whole room.

Oh, one more tip. When you go to the paint store use the color combinations that they have assembled. That makes it a lot easier on you if you have a hard time making a decision.

And if they have the small test jars try them out. If not get a quart just to be sure. With paint you get what you pay for. Don't go cheap. I have found a great website about

House painting information, inside and out.

Quick Staging Tips

Prepare your home right. Follow the step by step instructions on the website and you will make showing your house a snap. Here is a check list to follow when you get the call:

1. Open window treatments, turn on lights,

2. Close garage doors and put toilet seats down!

3. Spray and wipe down counter tops, make them shine

4. Clean mirrors and faucets in bathrooms

5. Make your beds!

6. Laundry in hampers

7.Check house plants for dead leaves

8. Quickly run vacuum over carpets

9. Turn on your stereo, classical or light jazz are nice choices

10. When buyers arrive, go for a walk, work in your yard or go for a short ride in the car. Take your dog(s) with you.

11. Remember to take valuables and monetary paperwork with you.

This list can be used as a daily routine and then only last minute details need to be addressed.

Remember, being ready for a showing can make the difference between a sale or a pass.

If you know of someone that could use home staging advice send them to the website.

Redesign Quick Tips

Now that you know a little more about the different colors here are a few ideas.

Choosing a color theme for your new and improved room. All it takes is just a little planning and inspiration.

1. Does your new room need to be relaxing or energizing. Cool colors or neutrals will calm you. Warm bold colors are energizing.

2. Choose colors that already exist in the items you are going to re purpose. Add a new accent color to enhance what you have. here you can add an accent wall without painting the whole room.

3. Collect clippings from magazines that show new color combination s that you can use to change the scheme. Popular colors change from year to year. Just like clothing designers the decorating industry is constantly remaking itself. If your room has good bones, you can update the look with accents of new colors. Like you would update a classic dress with a trendy belt or other accessories.

4. Use the rule of the triangle. When using an accent or pop of color. Area rug, art work, pillows. this is an example of an accent color triangle.

5. Adding color can be easily done through accessories. Groupings of candles, pillows, a throw, these are all simple and inexpensive ways to introduce a new or seasonal color accent.

Now start looking at your room. Work with what you have and if you look at magazines you will get ideas of color combination s you never thought of. Have fun with it.

I hope you enjoyed the second edition of the Brevard Home Newsletter. I am looking forward to sharing more fun tips.

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