DIY Bathroom Staging

DIY bathroom staging is critical. Bathrooms are at the top of the "must be decent" list for buyers. Along with kitchens they are very important..Don't think you'll get away with skimping in here. Clean, repair and polish are the orders of the day.

List of DIY Bathroom staging tools:

•Glass cleaner and paper towels

•General cleaner, bucket, rags, rubber gloves, elbow grease.

•Paper shelf liner

•Hand tools for replacing knobs and handles.

•Packing boxes, garbage can for garbage, container for proper disposal of old chemicals.

Start with the cabinets.

•Empty out cabinets one at a time. Decide what can be packed for the new house and what can be thrown out or given away.

•To properly dispose of old medications: remove from original container, mix in with something yucky like used coffee grinds or kitty litter,put in a plastic zip-lock bag, then in a paper bag and throw away. Do not flush down the toilet.

•Wipe down cabinets with cleaner inside and out.

•Put in shelf liner.

•Only put back what you really need. Bathroom staging means leaving spaces open to show how much room your cabinets have.

•Replace knobs and handles to update the look. Keep the style very clean and simple.

DIY Bathroom Staging means Clean

•Remove all stains

•Polish fixtures till they shine. Replace if corroded or repair if needed.

•Scrub floors

•Deep clean all grout, no mildew stains allowed. Remove damaged grout and caulk. Re-do if necessary. You won't believe what a difference this can make.

•Clean all glass and mirrors until they sparkle.

•Repair any wall damage. Remove wall paper if old and damaged. Bathrooms are small rooms. Paint can make them like new.

•Clean or replace light switch covers if necessary.

•Clean and polish light fixtures, replace if needed to update look.

•Clean and deodorize toilet.

• DIY Staging doesn't mean you can't hire someone to clean, just make sure it's done.

bathroom before staging to sell

This bathroom is ready for the finishing touches. See how empty it looks. Now picture it with a simple piece of art on the wall a silk plant and nice towels.

Time to Stage it, dress it up

•A live plant in the bathroom is a nice touch. Use silk if there is no natural light.

•Replace the shower curtain with white woven cotton. You can find nice ones at the outlet stores. Use a clear plastic liner.

•In the tub/shower area, stage it up with a bath set that has bath salts and oils in them. A lot of these sets have sponges or brushes in them, nice.

•Use new white towels on towel bars, layer them, face towel over bath towel and tie off the middle of the face towel with a raffia bow. This will remind people not to use these towels.

•An opened gift basket of scented soap next to the sink will help the bathroom smell nice and looks inviting.

•A vase of flowers, or a pitcher and glass set are a fancy touch.

•For everyday, have a hand soap bottle and a towel on the counter.These can be stashed away for showings.

•A basket or shelf with rolled up towels gives you a spa look.

•Replace the window treatments to give it a more modern look.You can find bamboo shades now that are inexpensive but look nice. Fabric roman shades are also inexpensive and can give a more formal look. They are both easy to install.

•New plush area rugs on the floor are very important in bathroom staging.

•Don't be afraid to add artwork. Use a picture that ties into the theme of your bath. Look at the outlet stores.

Choose some or all of these accents for your bathroom depending on how large it is. Remember, you are going for an inviting look. Make sure the accents match the style of the bathroom. A simple 1950's or 1960's bath can be really nice if it is clean and repaired. Replacing the faucets is a great way to update a bath.

If your bath is in a newer home and it has the space make sure the accents reflect the level of style in the rest of the home. Some new construction can be really dressed up.

Get started with this DIY Bathroom staging guide and have fun with it!

Now that you have a step by step DIY bathroom staging list you should be able to make a difference at your house.

For everything you need to know about packing make sure you visit my Packing information page. You will find step by step guidance and tips.


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