DIY Bedroom Staging

 staged boy's bedroom

DIY Bedroom Staging means Clean and comfortable

Like all the other staging projects you must start out with a supply list. A DIY bedroom staging project is best done step by step.

Cleaning supplies

•Garbage can

•Cleaning tools, bucket, cleanser, rags, glass cleaner, paper towels, vacuum, rubber gloves, and elbow grease.

•Boxes and bins for extras you want to pack and move or donate to friends, family or charity,

Bedroom before staging to sell

See how uninviting and empty this master bedroom looks. This bed needs nice pillows, artwork and a big silk plant.

Now lets get staging.

Pack up extra furniture that is not necessary for day to day use. Find a new home for it or store it off the property if you are taking it with you.

•Have carpets cleaned

•Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, replace if dated and worn

•Clean and/or replace switch and outlet covers if necessary

•Repair walls and paint if damaged

Now to Dress it up

For bedrooms, including the master, comfort and function are what's important. While living in a staged house you want to keep the accessories simple so it is easy to straighten up at a moments notice.

• New bedding, comforter and pillow sham, will give it a fresh look.

•Update the window treatments, bamboo shades or roman shades off the shelf are nice and simple to install.

•Throw pillows and a lap blanket on the foot of the bed give a luxurious touch.

•Staging with candles and simple accessories is nice. Potpourri in a dish will keep the room fresh.

•If you have the room add a reading chair with a lamp book and reading glasses.

With daily upkeep you will be ready for a showing at a moments notice.

•Make bed every morning

•dirty clothes in hamper

•vacuum regularly

Keep up with this staging routine and you will feel so much better.When you gain control over you stuff your stress levels will go down. Do this for you and your family.Take your time, do it step by step.

Now that you have a step by step staging list you should be able to make a difference at your house.

For everything you need to know about packing make sure you visit my Packing information page. You will find step by step guidance and tips.


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