DIY Curb Appeal

When preparing your home for the market you don't have to spend a lot of money. DIY curb appeal includes the basic clean up and maintenance that is required.

Preparing the outside of your home is vital to your success in selling your house. Buyers drive past your property and decide if they want to see it. It's all about curb appeal. It's as simple as that.

Why would a buyer not schedule a showing? They believe that if the outside is in bad shape the inside isn't far behind.DIY Curb appeal preparation is a great way to get them inside.

Trim the shrubs. If you have a large tree that is growing where it shouldn't have it removed. If you can't do it, hire someone.DIY Curb appeal gets them in the door.

Don't give the buyer any reason to make demands. They will, and in this market they are.

entry before staging to sell

This house entry has not been staged. Does it look inviting? What can be changed to add to the DIY curb appeal of this property?

house entry before staging to sell

This is a nice entry that just needs some finishing touches. 2 potted plants, a new entry rug, and paint the door a warm welcoming color.

A friend of mine was selling her home. She had a buyer that made her remove a large tree that was growing too close to the house and put on a new roof. Needless to say the buyer was not nice about it. In the end my friend was not happy. She still talks about it.

Front garden before staging to sell

Pay attention to a vacant homes condition during the sale process. If you have hired a lawn care service make sure they are paying attention to the details.

Here are more pictures of a great landscape that has been neglected.

landscape before staging to sell

Invasive plant on cabage palm

This plant needs to be removed from this palm.

curb appeal staging details house numbers

Buyers notice the details. This is easy to fix.

Lets get to work.

Start at the curb. Have a pad and pencil to write down your DIY list. When you look at your house write down everything that you see that needs to be trimmed, fixed, removed, painted, repaired, etc..

Now walk to your driveway. Anything else?

Entry... shrubs in your way? Need a new light fixture? Cracked stoop?

Write it all down.

Here is a list of simple DIY improvements that can give your house a face lift.

• Keep lawn mowed and edged and make sure the sprinklers are working properly.

• Trim shrubs, weed flower beds and add a new layer of mulch.

• Have your trees trimmed by a professional if you can't do it. Never let anyone "hurricane cut" your palm trees. Not only is it ugly, it can kill your palms. If you want them trimmed make sure they only remove brown fronds and seed branches. This will make them more presentable without removing their tropical appeal.

• Get outdoor containers to stash kids toys and tools at a moments notice.

improper pruning of queen palm

Ugly Queen palm. what's tropical about that?

proper queen palm pruning

Now this is a happy tree. It is an asset to the property.

• Keep your garage door closed, move out extra cars and campers. No, your next door neighbors house isn't far enough away.

• Pressure clean your sidewalk and drive if it is stained. Check your entry sidewalk for bad cracks and have them fixed.

• Remove cob webs and wasp nests.

• For your entry, Replace your doormat and set out a pot or two of flowers to dress it up. Pre-planted pots are easy to find and they really look nice. Just remember to take care of them.

• How is the hardware on the door? Replacing the knob and a new coat of paint can make a huge difference.

• Are the windows in good shape? Clean the glass and the screens.

• Remove any extra pipes or lumber, you know the stuff "you might need some day", the stuff that's "too good to throw out". Well you didn't need it or it's good enough to give away. Just get it off of your property.

There is a house for sale in my old neighborhood that has a "nice" stack of old cinder blocks piled up along the carport. Selling point? No. Eye sore, yes.

• Repair your gates and fencing if needed.

• If you have a back patio, dress it up like the front entry. Potted plants, new door mat etc.

Remember these are DIY curb appeal improvements that won't cost you a lot of money. They will help with the appeal of your house. Don't give the buyers any reason to haggle over price. Fix it up, price it right with your Realtor and move on.

For everything you need to know about packing make sure you visit my Packing information page. You will find step by step guidance and tips.

Now that you have a step by step DIY list to improve the curb appeal at your house you should be able to make a difference.


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