DIY Living Room Staging

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DIY living room staging means keeping in mind what your goal is. You are moving on. You are preparing your home for someone else. This DIY living room staging guide will help you through the process.

I know it's hard. I've had to sell homes that I thought I would live in for a long time. Once you start packing and cleaning the staging gets easier.

DIY Cleaning supplies

•Garbage can

•Cleaning tools, bucket, cleanser, rags, glass cleaner, paper towels, vacuum, rubber gloves, and elbow grease.

•Boxes and bins for extras you want to pack and move or donate to friends, family or charity,

living room before staging to sell

Staging a vacant home is very important. Not only do you need to show how the room can be set up, the buyers need a place to sit so they can take their time. Look at the great niche on the wall. It needs artwork to set it off.

Staging a living room is vital for first impressions. The living room and kitchen are the two rooms buyers will spend time in. But only if they are clean and inviting.

Start by packing up all of your personal accessories. Part of staging is depersonalizing. Photos and extra decorative pieces need to be packed up. Remember, now is a good time to give away things you don't want or need any more. Store these extra items and boxes off site. You are creating more space and getting yourself organized.

Remove extra furniture. This step can be hard if you don't have a friend helping you. You will think you need it all. Remember, you want the room to feel as big as possible.

Portable storage containers like PODS are perfect for this. They can be packed and moved off site and then moved to your new home where you can take your time off loading them.

Have the carpets professionally cleaned. Move the furniture, the traffic patterns will be different at the end of the staging process. If your carpet is in bad shape don't leave it down. New carpet can make a huge difference in the saleability of your home. If you want to dress up your floors add an area rug. You CAN take it with you.

Repair any wall damage. Repaint if necessary. Use an off-white or beige color to freshen up the room. With DIY staging paint is one of the easiest ways to completely change the room. Don't just cover up a problem such as leak damage before you fix the source. Covering up stuff like that will just lead to sleepless nights for you. Repair what you can. Call in the professionals for anything you can't handle.

Now you can rearrange your furniture.

What is the best part of the room? With staging you need to find the selling point and make that the focus of your furniture arrangement. Make it inviting, you want the buyers to linger and be comfortable.

Is it the view? Arrange the furniture so the buyers can appreciate that.

Make sure you don't just line up the furniture along the walls. You will have more space once you have reduced the amount of furniture you have in there. Slip covers are a great way to clean up the look of your room.

DIY Living room Staging Tips

• A fireplace is a great selling point make sure it is clean and simply decorated. Put a chair next to it to create a cozy look.

• Only rehang a few simple pictures on the walls to create a balance look.

• Take down old curtains if they are dated or cannot be cleaned. Replace with simple side panels and a rod to frame the window.If your view is not nice use sheers to let in light but screen the view.

• Make sure you have enough lighting in the room. Use the lights during the day and make sure the curtains are wide open.

• Using a live potted plant is a nice touch.

• Potpourri is nice to have in a big bowl. With DIY living room staging smell is very important. It not only looks nice but will keep the room smelling fresh.

• Furnish the room according to the activities that it is best suited for.

• But remember to keep it simple.

As you go through the DIY staging process you will be detaching yourself emotionally. If you put your home on the market without staging you will take everything the Realtors and buyers say personally. It will still be your home, not a house on the market.

DIY Staging is for you. The step by step process is a blessing. You will be happy you took the time. You will also sell your home faster. Get on with it. And get on with your life.

For everything you need to know about packing make sure you visit my Packing information page. You will find step by step guidance and tips.

Now that you have a step by step DIY living room staging list you should be able to make a difference at your house.

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