DIY Staging Library

Like all the other DIY staging projects you must start out with a supply list. Use this library to get your house ready for market.

Do it step by step.

Master bedroom after staging

Here is a collection of projects set up step by step. Some of the instructions may seem repetitive or just common sense. If people automatically did this stuff you wouldn't have TV shows about it.

We've all been in homes that are on the market that you thought to yourself,"Couldn't they clean up a little?" Don't let that be your house. Get yourself and your house prepared right before you put it on the market.

Ask yourself What did I like about my house when I bought it? Now accentuate the good things about your house for others.

For everything you need to know about packing make sure you visit my Packing information page. You will find step by step guidance and tips.




Kids Room


Living room

Curb Appeal

Wall art repaint

DIY staging "must do's"

Staging Guide