How to for Kitchen Staging

step by step

Kitchen Staging List of Materials:

• Boxes and wrapping material for packing

• Hand tools for removing and installing hardware

• Large garbage can for collecting chemicals to be disposed of properly

• Large garbage can for garbage

• large container for pass-along items

• Cleaning supplies: Bucket, cleaner, rubber gloves, scrub

brush, rags, paper towels, glass cleaner, stainless steel

cleaner/polish, and elbow grease.

• Oven cleaner if not a self clean oven.

• shelf liner paper

The kitchen is probably the most important room of the house. Many buyers will base their decision on what kind of kitchen you have. If it has not been updated lately you can do a lot to make it look nice. Cleanliness is the most important detail. Kitchen staging can make a big difference.

Repair and replace what you can. New knobs for instance can change the whole look. New lighting and window treatments are an easy solution. Let's start this kitchen staging step by step.

1. Remove all magnets and notes from refrigerator. Clean and polish.

2. Clear off counters completely. Deep clean and polish. Pack up and sort any extra appliances. Only replace what is used everyday. If you can, store inside a cabinet.

3. Empty out each cabinet one at a time.

• Wipe down with cleaner inside and out.

• Sort through non essential items. Dispose of old chemicals properly.

• Put down paper liner.

• Replace only essential items, pack the rest to take with you. Leave some open space to show just how much room you have.

• Replace old handles and knobs to update look. If you need to replace your faucet.

• Pack up extra dishes.

• Pack up extra pots and pans.

• Clear out junk drawers, only keep necessary items and organize what is left in a divided tray.

• Organize silverware drawer and clean or replace tray.

• Remove child proof hooks from cabinets. If possible use a removable gate to keep little ones out of kitchen between showings.

• Store any left over chemicals out of reach.

4. Replace garbage can with one that has a lid on it. This will contain odors.

TIP: In the bottom of the can place a paper towel that has some tea tree oil on it before you replace the bag. This will help keep it fresh.

5. Deep clean sink and fixtures. Remove stains on porcelain and polish stainless with stainless cleaner. Polish faucet and handles until they sparkle.

6. Chop up a few small pieces of lemon rind in the disposal. Rinse well and add a little baking soda to keep it deodorized.

7. Clean and polish vent fan. Clean or replace filter(s).

8. Clean light fixtures. Replace bulbs if necessary. Replace fixtures with new if you can to update the look.

9. Clean out all appliances, inside and out.

• Empty refrigerator, wipe it out with diluted vinegar, dry.

• Clean oven and stove top, polish. Replace any burners that don't work if necessary.

10. Repair any wall damage, remove old wall paper, clean and paint.

• Pack up and remove extra decorative accessories, plates pictures plaques, etc..

• Replace broken or old outlet and switch plate covers.

11. Clean windows and screens and remove window treatments if dated and worn.

12. Scrub and polish floors.Your goal with this project is to have a staged kitchen that can be set up and used right away. If the new owners want a new kitchen they can custom design one later. Meanwhile your kitchen will "work just fine".

Kitchen staging is a lot of work. If you want to, hire someone to do the deep cleaning after you have gone through your stuff.

Now let's Dress it up

Kitchen before staging to sell

This kitchen is ready to be staged. All it needs is some finishing touches. One of those framed kitchen posters would be nice. And some counter top accessories. Even a couple of baskets across the top of the cabinets would bring the buyers eyes up to show off the high ceilings.

Remember, we are only putting back items that are necessary. Hopefully after going through your stuff you have opened up a lot of extra space. This will allow you to stage decorative items on your counter tops and stow away the tools.

• A cook book or two is nice.

• Decorative bottles of oil.

• A bowl of fresh fruit.

• A live plant.

• New kitchen towels and rugs

• New window treatments, think simple like roman shades or bamboo blinds. If you have blinds that are ok then maybe a new valance would be nice. Remember to open them up if you have a nice view.

New kitchen staged for sale

Simple accessories finish it off without filling it up.

Now that you have a step by step kitchen staging list you should be able to make a difference at your house.

For everything you need to know about packing make sure you visit my

Packing information page. You will find step by step guidance and tips.


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