How to Redesign your Landscape

We are now working on a collection of information to help you breathe new life into the Landscape of your "Florida Home".

budah statue in FL landscape

If you are new to the Central Florida area or just want to redesign your yard don't miss out on this information. This section is for you. We have so many different zones within this county, find out what plants will work best in your yard. For example you can't grow happy azaleas on the beach, but they love it along the Indian River under the oaks.

If you don't live in this area don't worry, the tips can be used anywhere! Just get started step by step.

When you're staging, don't forget the garden! The first impression starts when they pull in the driveway. Will you knock their socks off or be overlooked? Click here for a website that has great curb appeal ideas and garden design tips. Click here for a website that has great curb appeal ideas and garden design tips. Get an edge on the competition.

Here you will learn...

•How to create your own plan

•How to use art in your garden

•water wise practices

•where to find info on bugs and diseases

•Create outdoor rooms

•proper pruning techniques


"Jean has a gift, an artistic eye, but she also is a patient teacher. She taught me some basic concepts and helped me to discover my own style."

Marion A. Cocoa Beach FL

Water Quality is a major concern in this area. If you need help deciding which water purification system is best for you, go to this site. You will learn everything there is to know about Water Purification Systems. This site has all the comparisons and details you need to make an educated choice.

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Start Here for your Landscape plan

Planning stage 2

Planning stage 3

Planning stage 4, photo ideas

How to trim your palms right

Water saving tips, dealing with dry spells

Landscape Idea Photos

Shopping for your Gardens

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