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Landscape idea Photos

Here are some interesting colors and textures to get ideas from.

On a recent trip to Sarasota I spotted some interesting commercial landscaping.

Here are some photos. As you can see these are not your typical commercial parcels. they combine large pots and a collection of plants that are typically used in home landscapes and confined to container gardens.


tropical landscape plant ideas

Notice the taller plants are next to the palm trunks. Then the other plants support the center height.

tropical landscape plant ideas

Large pots along the path bring the pretty annual flowers up close to passers by. You can use this idea along your own pathways.

tropical landscape plant ideas

Nice combination of colors and textures. Strong splashes of color make a bold statement.

tropical landscape plant ideas

Here is a detail shot of the combination of plants. Fox Tail Asparagus Fern, Geraniums, Snapdragons, Indian Hawthorne, and Azaleas.

tropical landscape plant ideas

Large clumps of grass or yellow iris can make a bold texture statement.

tropical landscape plant ideas

All over combination of colors and textures, very interesting and not so common in commercial landscapes.

I hope you saw some combination you can use in your own yards.

I have found several very nice websites that you can visit to get more ideas for your landscape and home.

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