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1733 N. Atlantic Ave.

Cocoa Beach FL


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Cindy Kelley Cocoa Beach Realtor

I met Cindy Kelly years ago when my husband and I were involved with the local art show. I always thought she was a striking individual. She was always so pleasant.

Lately I have had the pleasure of getting to know her better as a Realtor and a friend. Now you can get to know her too.

Specialty: Residential Single-Family & Condominiums

Favorite Part of Career

When both buyer and seller come to the closing table happy with the transaction. It’s very satisfying to see a buyer and seller who both feel like they got a fair shake out of a transaction. I have been blessed with many buyers and sellers who actually became friends after the sale. It’s all about relationships.

Least Favorite Part

Dealing with looky-loos. Those are people who come to you under the guise of purchasing property, but really have no intention of doing so. I think there are many people who don’t understand that it cost us time and money as we get paid nothing unless someone actually makes a purchase.

Funniest moment:

I had a buyer (who turned out to be a looky-loo) to whom I showed about ten condos to in Cocoa Beach. Then during her visit she called one day and decided she wanted to look in the Satellite area. I set up the appointments. She arrived at my office with her brother. She proudly announced that she would drive. I tried t talk her out of it, due to the fact that we had to stop by several offices to pick up keys, but she was insistent. I relented. We went out to get in the car. It was a convertible, with the top down and bro in the front seat. She pulled the seat up to let me in the back! Here I was long hair, professionally dressed, loose papers flapping in the wind, and being tossed side-to-side by a zany driver. It was akin to being on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and I wasn’t at Disney World!

Future Goals:

Getting my Broker’s License and International Designation.

If you would like to contact Cindy use the information Below.

(321) 868-5555 business

(321) 749-7874 cell website

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