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Robin Turner Realtor Cocoa Beach FL

Robin Turner, Housing Market Realty

Specialty: Residential Single-Family Homes, Waterfront Homes, and Residential Investment Property

Robin Turner moved to Cocoa Beach in 1960 and has lived in the area most of the time since then. He went to Cocoa Beach High School with Roger Caldwell in the early 1970's and worked with Randy on the Space Shuttle Program in the 1990's.

Robin started as a Real Estate Investor/Landlord in 1984 got his Real Estate License in 1987. Robin took a break from Real Estate in the late 1990's but is back in full swing as a RealtorĀ® and Investor again.

As a Cocoa Beach Lifer, Robin has intimate knowledge of the housing here. He delivered Florida Today for six years as a teenager and has driven up and down most of Cocoa Beach's streets hundreds of times. He still drives the streets of Cocoa Beach constantly in his GEM electric car. Florida Today did an article about it.

Gem Car rechargable vehicle

The Housing Market Realty

Located in Cocoa, is one of the most unique Realty Offices anywhere. Although in existence for less the two years, the company is made up of seasoned Real Estate Investors who have known each other and worked together for a much longer period of time. This gives their agents a much different perspective and a much larger toolbox, especially in the areas of financing and creative deal structuring.

Housing Market agents and their listings cover most of Brevard County with properties ranging from mobile homes to large estates and everything in between. The Housing Market also manages rental properties and usually has a variety of rentals available.

Funniest Story:

As most landlords will tell you, sometimes tenants misbehave. Mr Tenant gets angry at Ms. Tenant and feels in necessary to put his fist through the drywall to show his displeasure.

Robin had an older rental beach house on A1A in Cocoa Beach. Every few years a different Mr Tenant would try the fist in the wall trick and end up with his hand in a cast. Seems these older houses are studier than some of the new ones and instead of having thin drywall the walls are 1 1/2 inch thick and composed of steel mesh, plaster and sheet rock.... OUCH!

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321-749-7826 Office

877-569-8833 (Toll Free)

Housing Market Realty

2715 N. Cocoa Blvd.

Cocoa FL 32922

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