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7 staging tips you must do before listing your home

Here is a list of 7 staging tips you must use before listing your home with a realtor.

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Palm Pruning and Maintenance

A special notice about palm pruning we all need to read and tell our friends about.

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Landscape 2

Here is step 2 in your landscape plan, keep on collecting information about your site so you can get the right plants for the job.

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Landscape 3

In this section we will go over the basics of plant selection for your landscape.

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Landscape 4

Step 4 in the landscape series, lots of photos for ideas you can consider when planning how to use your yard.

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landscape start plan

How to get started with your landscape plan.

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Brevard County Landscape information

This page will help you find the landscape information you need to plan and landscape your Brevard County FL home right.

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Realtor Robin Turner

Getting to know local Realtor Robin Turner.

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Realtor Cindy Kelley

Getting to know local Realtor Cindy Kelley.

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Realtor Harrington

Lee and Steve Harrington make a great realtor team for all of your needs.

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Landscape Idea Photos

Here are some landscape idea photos to get your juices flowwing, the color combinations are warm and the textures are interesting.

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Packing instructions

Packing up your things can be challenging. Do it right with these instructions and supplies.

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Contact Me Directly

Want more information on Staging and Redesign? Brevard Home Redesign can help. Contact me here to get all the information you need to do it yourself or hire me to be your consultant.

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Home Staging Is Fun

Last month, one night over dinner, my husband announced that he had decided to quit his job, only to accept a new one, about 150 kilometers away from our

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Contribute To Florida Home Staging and Redesign

Would you like to share your knowledge about Florida home staging? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Home Staging and Redesign are very important in todays real estate market

Here is the "how to" information you need for Home Staging or Redecorate yourself. Common sense solutions to your questions on how to redecorate and so much more.

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Certified Stager and Redesigner About Jean Caldwell

If you are looking for a quality resource for you next staging or redesign project, look no further. Stager and Redesign professional Jean Caldwell is here to guide you through...

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Realtor's Corner

Check out our featured Realtor of the month and get more information about market conditions...

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Staging, what is it ?

Staging your home for sale is more than just cleaning and moving furniture around staging a home to sell helps you too.

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Staging Guide

Here is the best Value in staging for yourself. You can do it yourself or you can get professional guidance to complete the staging guide.

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Renovation Staging

Detailed description of a major renovation staging for a 1950's home.

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Redesign Home Project

Redesign your home one room at a time. It is a natural process...

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Redesign 3 in 1

Creating three separate "rooms" by using redesign in one large space...

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DIY Staging Library

Here is your step by step DIY staging guide to use before putting it on the market.

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Small Business Marketing

This is a resource page of information that all small business owners need to market their business effectively. You will find marketing ideas that really work!

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Space Coast Realtors Article Jan-Mar 2009

Make Thousands More for You and Your Clients. Staging Works

With the housing market starting to move a little now is the time to get those old and new listings ready. Buyers have higher expectations than ever before. Make sure you help your client out as much as possible.

The Staging process is not just about cleaning and rearranging furniture. It includes getting the seller ready for the complicated process of selling. When you hire a professional Stager you are making sure your listings and clients get all the attention they need.

Do you have the time to explain to your owner what to expect when strangers come to their home? Are they willing to do what should be done before showings?

Stagers know what is really important when getting the home ready. Helping the homeowner adjust to the stress is part of the process.

If the seller is having a hard time getting prepared, get help. Stagers have the tools to assist you. Selling a home is difficult under any circumstances. Your clients need step by step instruction. When they hear it from a third party professional the pressure is off of you.

Now you can go out and market your listing knowing everything that can be done is being done. Your listing will show at its best. Your client will appreciate the extra service and one on one attention.

Find a professional Stager you would like to work with and get those listings sold!

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Redecorate Project Livingroom 1-2

Redecorate this living room from 1 large space into 2 and create a comfortable seating area......

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Architectural Foam and Painting tips

Here are links to sites that help you dress up your property inside and out with architectural foam and painting tips.

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Plant Resources

This page takes you to several local plant resources with websites that specialize in native or tropical plants.

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Share This Home Staging Site

This share this site page helps you give your visitors another source Home Staging tips and Redesign information from your site.

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