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This project involved helping the client select paint colors and carpeting for the home, notice the ceiling trim and wall colors are new.

During the redesign I also gave her guidance on what accessories to purchase to complete the look. We redesigned several rooms to meet their current needs.


foyer entry before redesign

Entry Before

foyer entry after redesign

Entry After

This redesign started with the entry. The foyer table was too cluttered with accessories. We chose the most favorite items and arranged them so they could be appreciated.

The wall accessories were removed so the unique shape of the shelf unit was visible. I advised her on color and size of a new entry area rug and she did a terrific job finding one that worked.

Old Office

office before redesign

Old Office Before

redesigned room

Old Office After

The old location of the office made the house look like it had no room. It was always unorganized. Relocating the office to the new den opened up the space for the china cabinet from the dining room. Now it is located adjacent to the kitchen.

Not only does the china cabinet carry over the oak finish of the kitchen it now has an available outlet so my client can light her collectibles. The extra dining room chairs create a whole new seating area in this space.

A new area rug anchors the redesign. The silk ficus tree was added and after the photo was taken we moved it just off the tile ledge. The top of the tree is now just below the top of the cabinet and it creates a screen between the living room and sitting area.

office before redesign

Old Office Before

redesigned room after

Old Office After

New Office / Den

The office was relocated into a room that was previously used for storage. Now it is a space where the kids can do their homework without being disturbed.

It also serves as a den where people can get away and watch what they want on TV. The twin bed serves as a couch and a guest bed when needed.

The artwork above the couch was hung a little higher than I would have liked but my client was worried about the kids piling up on that bed and damaging it.

new den/ office before redesign

New Office / Den Before

den/office after redesign


den/office after redesign


Placing the TV at an angle divides the room into two functional spaces. The back of the TV set was hidden by the nice silk fern. We were able to create a grouping of related artwork over the television.

My client was very happy to be able to finally display these items. They were in storage or lost on the wall in the living room. I gave her color advice on her selection of pillows and throw for the bed. She was able to shop on her own for these items.

Redesigned artwork arrangement and tv placement

New Den After

redesigned artwork arrangement

Wall Arrangement

redesigned office/den arrangement



The living room was redesigned so that the TV could be viewed from the kitchen. The massive entertainment unit was broken up and re purposed in the room.

This also created a great opportunity to take advantage of two focal points, the TV and the beautiful oak canopy of the backyard. The TV was moved to the corner of the room, across from the couch. My client was thrilled to be able to enjoy both focal points.

living room before redesign

Living room Before

living room after redesign

Living room After with Happy Client

Her favorite prints from her hometown are now arranged above the couch. A cedar chest was placed behind the love seat for additional storage and to create a nice vignette to be enjoyed from the entry and kitchen.

living room art work arrangement after redesign

New Art Arrangement

Boy's Room

The son’s bedroom was redesigned for function and comfort. Hanging a treasured antique print over the bed adds a masculine flair and creates a headboard effect.

Part of the office set up was brought in for his own use. Only favorite items are on display to help make cleaning up easier.

boy's room during redesign


boy's room after redesign


boy's room after redesign


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