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Redesign can be as simple as a little paint.

"I am totally pleased with the finished design and I personally recommend Jean's artistry to anyone interested in artwork for their home or office."

H. L. Merritt Island FL

Do you have a metal or plaster wall figure that just doesn't match anything? You know, the blue lizard that looked really cool in the store. Or the pink striped fish that your neighbor gave you because it was too good to throw away.

You might like the shape but you won't hang it on your wall the way it is now. Or you just want to make it look better.

For this particular redesign project I was able to round up some white house paint, metallic spray paint and a couple tubes of artist's acrylics.

You will need the house paint or primer to erase the offending colors. Start by cleaning and dusting the piece. Don't use a cleaner that will leave a residue. A damp rag is good enough to get the dust off.

metal wall art before repaint redesign 1st step

Hear is a glimpse of what the fish looked like before.

Now lay out paper to protect your table top and give the object a coat of white. For this project I used white house and trim paint with a satin or semi gloss finish.

Remember you are hanging this on the wall or it will be sitting on a shelf. If you are going to hang this outside you will want to use primer. For inside you don't have to be so careful. It won't be exposed to any harsh conditions.

metal wall art 2nd step during redesign

Here is the fish with black acrylic paint accents to help bring out the details.

Whatever metallic paint you have will do. Redesign is about using what you have. You may have a color theme you are going for.

Here I just used what I had on hand. I wasn't copying anything in particular. When you use neutrals like metallics and browns it goes with a lot more themes.

metal wall art 3rd step during redesign

Metallic on fish

Now I went back over the metallic with a little black just to bring out the details. Make sure that in between steps you let it dry all the way.

metal wall art 4th step during redesign

Black details added again.

Let the object dry completely. You may want to let it sit overnight to cure. I am not that patient. I applied the next layer after about a half an hour went by. To give the piece an aged look I mixed together a couple of shades of brown. I used, burnt umber, burnt sienna and made a loose not runny mixture on a pallet. If you don't have any artist supplies you can use a paper plate or foil. Any brown or black paint will work.

Use a wet paint brush to get the brown mixture into all of the nooks and crannies. Now lightly dab it with a rag or paper towel. You don't want to rub it you may take off some of the other colors. Add more until you get the rustic look you want.

For an aged look that isn't dark, use the white paint that you started off with. Practice mixing the browns, grays or whites to get the look you want

metal wall art finished after redesign

Here is the redesigned project.

Don't try this on an expensive piece without practicing on something. Have fun on a couple of items that you would like to change.

Now after a day, you can seal it with a crystal clear acrylic spray finish or just leave it if you are using it inside.

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