Home Staging Is Fun

by Barb
(New Orleans)

Last month, one night over dinner, my husband announced that he had decided to quit his job, only to accept a new one, about 150 kilometers away from our home. I shrieked out in reaction and we argued about it till the wee hours of morning. The new job meant more money, a bigger house and medical insurance, so naturally I gave in.

The next hurdle was to sell our house. After many tearful afternoons, I came to terms with the circumstances. I had heard of the term 'staging rooms' from friends who had sold property, but never really knew what all the fuss was about. I got on the net and did a lot of homework, and when I finally thought I was ready, I took my cheque book and headed for shopping centre. I decided to home stage two most important rooms in any house, the living room and the kitchen.

I painted my kitchen a shade of light lilac, and cleaned all the cupboards and cabinets thoroughly. I also spent money on a lovely floral fabric, and stitched two little curtains for my kitchen window. I arranged a clear bowl with fresh fruit and piled a couple of cook books casually on the side. I made sure that all nooks and corners were clean. All herb and spice containers were identical, with stickers to show the contents. In short, the kitchen now looked clean, inviting and in complete working order.

Next I did my living room. This had been the biggest room in the house, so I wanted the buyer to realize the endless possibilities that came with it. I took about five big boxes and packed up all extra dust collectors and personal items. I bought about half a dozen bright, cheerful cushions, as it was cheaper to buy cushions than a new sofa. lol. I also invested in a glass bowl and put miniature bamboo plants in it. They are low-maintenance plants - great for me because I don't have a green thumb at all. I left a few carefully chosen pieces of crystal glass around the room. I was going for a modest hit of sparkle in the room.

All in all, I spent about two days cleaning and arranging the entire place.
The overall result was more than I had expected. All of a sudden, I felt sad once again to be leaving my beautiful home!

Even though I patted my own back for a job well done, a few things still need to be done up further. For instance, the front gate could stand a fresh coat of paint. I can also stage the walkway outside by adding more flowers.
Nevertheless, the entire process was a fun learning experience about home staging. I hope that it makes my house sell faster.

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