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Landscape Planning

Start with the front

Native Florida trees in landscape

Front yard before Redesign

Planning a landscape is a personal and practical process. you want to plan your yard for your use. But you don't want to have the "weird" yard of the neighborhood. You know which ones I'm talking about; Pinwheels and figurines everywhere. Or George of the Jungle, where's the house?

The front yard is your face in the neighborhood.

Keep it simple and neat.

Focus on the positive aspects of your home. If you have a nice entry, frame it with potted plants. Create a curved pathway leading to it from the road. This is good Feng Shui. Anything that will lead the eye to your best feature.

Century plant full size in landscape

Feature Plant

You may have a great specimen plant. A large palm or a blooming tree. Build a nice garden around the base. It will give it more presence. It also will make the plant happy when you create gardens. More fertilizer for everybody. Grass uses up most of the fertilizer you might give your tree.

Enjoy my Video to get ideas for focal points and adding intrest to your landscape

Pay attention to color. The easiest way to do this is break color up into two families; Warm and Cool.

The warm family includes, red, orange, yellow, brown,(mulch brown, not dead brown). Yes the mulches are part of the color scheme. Red lava rocks are a good example of this.

The cool family includes, blue, lavender, white. Gray, green or white stone accents work with this color scheme.

Blue Bamboo in FL landscape

Cool colors

White works in both families and is a nice way to give the eye a break. Purple comes in warm and cool. To help you decide which one, does it have more blue in it or red? You can see the difference between a "hot" purple (red) and a "cool" purple (blue).

Keep the look simple. Choose a color family. Even all white can be very nice looking. Foliage plants also can be sorted out by warm and cool. Work with what you have in your landscape. Keep what you like. Especially if it is growing well. Don't be discouraged if you have nothing. You have a blank canvas. Take your time. Plan it out right and it will make your home look great.

I have discovered a nice source for information about front porches.

"Who doesn't love a beautiful porch? Front-Porch-Ideas-and-More.com is a portal for porch lovers. If you want to add curb appeal to your home, look first at your front porch. This site is rich in front porch ideas, a whole section on screen porches, porch swings, front porch designs ideas and many tips about porch decorating, porch furniture and entertainment on your porch."

• we give you tips on selecting the right porch swing

• show you how to convert a porch to a screened porch and 3 season porch

• tell you about pulling building permits

• how to decorate your porch for various seasons

• many porch pictures to give you great ideas for your own front porch

Front Porch Ideas and More

Now, Homework Time

When you drive through your neighborhood, take note of the homes that catch your eye. You know , the ones you have always liked. What is it about that house that has your attention?

• cool colors or warm colors?

• manicured shrubs, loosely natural, or both?

• lots of green lawn or mulched gardens?

• does it have an inviting place to sit?

• Tropical look or traditional

• Native with lots of ground cover?

• Art accents tastefully done?

Write down what you like. Since you will be looking around your neighborhood, you will have an idea of what will be happy in your yard. Remember to pay attention to the amount of shade you have. If your neighbor has large trees but you don't, you are talking about a different landscape plan. Full sun plants are totally different from shade plants.

Don't drive up River Road in Rockledge and and expect to get the same results in Satellite Beach. You can go for the same look but the plants might have to be totally different.

As we go along in our plan you will learn about different gardening techniques. You don't want to spend a lot of money on plants that won't do well. Do it right, step by step. Put together your plan and don't make it hard.

We will be going over the different kinds of plants that thrive in our county. We have several "zones" here. And each city has different watering situations. Some places have re-use water. Others only have well water which can have a lot of salt in it. If you are watering your yard with city water you will really want to conserve.

For now do your homework. Start writing down what you like. Decide what kind of "face" you want your home to have.

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