Marketing Mistakes

Be Smart!

If you are a business owner you know how important Marketing is, and how expensive it can be.

I am just starting out with my business and one of the first things I learned was how it should take up 80% of your time. The other 20% goes to actual work. "WHAT?" did I read that right?

Since I have never run a business before this idea blew my mind. I thought, "I have never done this before, what am I going to do?"

The information products out there are good at giving you general ideas but no specific details. How do you choose?

I decided I had better learn as much as I can so I'm not wasting time and money. Knowing where your dollars are going to make the most impact is important.

Redecorated Foyer or entry hall

Best Website system!

I learned that marketing is the most important part of running your business but it doesn't have to consume all of your time and effort. Knowing what not to spend your money on is critical too.

Now a days not having a website is not an option. Find out more about how to build a real business that works 24/7.

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Don't send E-cards. Send the Real Thing and get Real Results!

Maintaining a relationship with the clients you already have is very important. This is the most effective way to generate referrals. Sending only sounds expensive.

Emails get deleted.

Blow away the competition with the Real Deal!

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Make your E-mails and Webpages Talk!

Here is another highly effective tool to use in your marketing. Have you ever received a talking postcard in your e-mail and thought "Cool, how can I do that?!"

Well here is the system! It is easier to implement and the postcards come in many different styles. Click on the link below and try it out for 21 days FREE.
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Automatic Marketing for MLMers

Are you a Network Marketer or have an MLM business? Are you tired of chasing around your "warm" leads just to have them run away from you? Here is the training and information you need to get set up for the "Better" way to market your business.

Magnetic Sponsoring Online by MIke Dillard will give you the information you need to update your Network marketing techniques. I am studying the courses myself. Yes I am involved in a company that creates residual income too.

"Once you build a relationship with a customer, then you can sell additional products to them, they recommend you to others, cost of serving goes down, they become less sensitive to price," Jain said. "In the beginning, you may end up paying to acquire them, but if you have selected right type of customer, they become profitable."

It’s interesting to see how many small businesses try as soon as possible to follow the example of some large corporations to build an impersonal "corporate image." People actually prefer to do business with people, not institutions.

Why do we lose customers?

According to a study conducted by the Technical Assistance Research Project in Washington D.C.,

3% leave for convenience

9% because of a relationship

15% because of product, price or delivery problems

5% for other miscellaneous reasons.

That leaves 68% for the most significant reason: perceived indifference.

For an easy system that automatically keeps you in touch with your clients, customers and prospects with a personal touch

Having an automated and customizable system for your business is the only way to go. Create new relationships and maintain the ones you have. Set up your own greeting card referral system.

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The Secrets to Using PPC Advertising

If you are going to use Google Ad Words you need to know what to do and what NOT to do. This video will get you started with a system that will save you time, money and aggravation. Click here to see the video.

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    In David Frey's marketing information materials he talks a lot about creating a relationship with your clients and prospects. He has the most comprehensive marketing packages I have ever used. David Frey's: Instant Referral Systems is a program that is crucial for anyone relying on referrals to generate business. Instead of spending 80% of your time, you will be doing what you love.

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    If you are looking for specific plans with examples this is your program. I am constantly going back looking up tips and techniques in this boot camp program. David Frey's: Coaches and Consultants Bootcamp This is the program I personally chose. It contains CD's and hard copy that you can really use.

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