Hallway Mural Project

Murals are nice. Sometimes you have a place in your home that needs something. It might be a difficult area for many reasons.

•behind doors

•wet locations like bathrooms and laundry rooms

•narrow hallways, artwork could get bumped

These projects are a great alternative to fragile artwork or glass mirrors.When they are hand painted you know you are getting a one of a kind wall treatment.

hallway mural of palm trees

Finished Hallway

This particular project is in a hallway . My client is lucky enough to be a world traveler. She has many wonderful art pieces that she has collected over the years.

The only part of her home that was not embellished with any of this artwork was the hall.

She wanted something fairly simple so it would not overpower the space. Palm trees and a few animals were part of her request. To keep it from looking like a cartoon we chose a very limited pallet of colors.

hallway mural of palm trees upclose

Detail of Palm tree

I have always liked the way hand painted projects were done back in the 1950s. Very simple and a limited range of color,usually two or three colors only. Remember those? They were a simple oriental version of a cherry tree, or an view from an Italian villa.

palm tree mural in hallway

opposite wall

We kept the scenes very simple. The palm trees were spread out to balance the look. We added detail where needed. Now my client has a one of a kind hallway that she loves to show her friends and neighbors.

egret in mural detail

Egret detail

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