3 in 1 Redesign

At this client’s home the living room arrangement was too spread out. It was not comfortable for T.V. viewing or conversation. 2 wicker chairs were floating around without a home.

The desk in the office area was pushed up against a wall. The Dining room table was perpendicular against the wall rendering one end useless. The Teak unit was too cluttered taking away from its uniqueness.

The back porch was not set up for use. The ping pong table was blocking the wonderful view of the yard.

Great room before redesign

Great room before redesign

To begin the redesign we paired off the wicker chairs in the living room, a green throw ties in both sides of the room and softens the look of the chairs.

The couch was floated away from the wall to take advantage of both the view out back and the T.V. The recliner was placed under the wall lamp for reading. A small cabinet was brought in from another room to serve as an end table between the couch and recliner.

The silk banana tree was moved behind the couch to serve as a visual divider and help with the height transition against the wall.

Great room after redesign

great room and dining room after redesign

The office area was created by moving the desk away from the wall and hanging the art low enough over the file cabinet to create a unified look.

The floor lamp fits in perfectly providing light where there was none. The client will eventually add a computer and a desk lamp.

great room office after redesign

The dining room was rearranged by pulling the table out and turning it parallel to the wall now there is room for the chairs to be placed on all four sides of the table and it is truly centered under the light fixture.

Shades that the client had were put on the light to give it more visual weight and create a finished look. We added a center piece and brought in a cross from the entry to fill the wall space.

dining room after redesign

office dining room after redesign

The teak unit was cleared of all the photos and only the favorite ones were replaced in three separate groupings. My client is planning on buying silks for the baskets on top to finish it off.

The children’s toys were put in a chest and placed behind the 2 wicker chairs. A small desk area was also set up in front of mom’s desk so they could have their own “office” too, and mom can keep watch while she works.

The back porch was organized into 2 areas. The small table from the corner was brought out and set up with 2 chairs. The fire pit was put in corner for storage. The ping pong table was moved to open up the view and create more usable space. The two low chairs were turned to view the yard and created a very comfortable intimate space. The cobalt blue potted plant was moved to fill visual space behind the wing chairs in the living room.

My client was very pleased with her new spaces. Now she can use all the separate “rooms” in her home.

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