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classic modern 1950's home Cocoa Beach FL berfore renovation

classic modern 1950's home Cocoa Beach FL after renovation

This renovation staging happens to resemble an episode of “Flip that House”.

Basically the house had been in disrepair for many years so a lot of renovation staging work had to be done before listing the property.

On the outside we decided new stucco was necessary to repair the structure and prep it for new paint. The paint color was a bold choice because the architecture could support it. During the paint prep we discovered the stacked fascia on the flat roof was originally stained wood. We decided to paint it a brown close to the original stain.

We painted the horizontal beams on the outside to highlight them. They were painted white and you didn’t even notice that they were there. We replaced all of the operational windows with hurricane units. The original 1950’s decorative glass panels were prepped and painted. The 12”x2” fascia on the angled roof was re wrapped in new aluminum, which turned out to be the exact same finish as the hurricane rated garage door.

The flat panels of the new garage door reflect the 50’s style we wanted to preserve. Patio and exterior lights were replaced. The rear screen room was replaced. The tile floor of the screen room was popping up so we replaced it with a good quality indoor/outdoor carpet. A French door was installed on the utility room to create more views.

We pressure cleaned the driveway and entry and added some potted plants to screen off the AC unit. With this project the most important aspect of the house was the spectacular water views. When you walk into the house you are looking at 28 ft. of open water so all the emphasis was put on that.

1980's kitchen before renovation

Original Kitchen

demoed kitchen before new cabinets installed

After demo

We started on the inside, the kitchen had to be removed and measurements for the new cabinets were taken. We selected a quartz counter top to give the richness of granite without the maintenance. We chose a clean simple cabinet style to keep it modern and appeal to more people.

New Kraftmaid kitchen in modern 1950's home


We then demoed the vinyl flooring to install new tile. We painted the interior with rich neutrals. For this renovation staging we had a lot of flooring work to do.

The tile was a 9”x16” installed in a brick pattern to carry on the theme of several interior walls and accentuate the hand carved front doors. The door hardware, ceiling fans, and hallway light fixtures, baseboards were replaced.

living room before renovation

Original living room

living room after renovation before staging


living room staged


living room after renovation


living room staged


The house is being staged with the client’s own furniture and accessories.

They are living in the house with minimal furnishings to maintain the open feel and keep it uncluttered.

This will make it easier to straighten up quickly for showings. With this project we addressed all the major staging details inside and out.

master bedroom during renovation


master bedroom staged


This Staging Project on Video

In any market it is crucial that you do everything you can to make your property stand out. You might not need a complete renovation staging,but,hiring a professional makes the process so much easier. In one afternoon you will know exactly what you need to focus on to get your home ready for market. Put your money where it counts. Don't give it away at the closing table.

"2007 HomeGain Survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide found that moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80.00 - $2,080.00, made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold."

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