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Jean Caldwell css/crs

Cocoa Beach FL

• I have been an artist as long as I can remember. At 13 years old I started working with oil paints. After high school I earned an Associate Degree in Art. At 20, I opened my own art studio and taught children and adults for about 9 years.

Hand painted furniture was another way to express a practical application of art in the home. Murals and specialty finishes came next. I worked with a local interior designer for about 10 years doing these types of projects. Becoming a Stager or Redesigner was not even on the horizon at this point.

• About 6 years ago I discovered a new creative outlet. We purchased a lot and started the exciting process of building a new home. We ran the project ourselves. Everything from the ground up had to be planned out. Placement of windows, kitchens, bathrooms, location for cable and power outlets. Every detail.

• Two years later we did it again. We planned another home, landscape and all. Working with all the sub contractors was actually fun. Both houses took us only three months from the day of the slab pour to the day we moved in.

Over the years we built 3 new projects, staged and sold 6 homes, Planned and redesigned 7 landscapes, 1 new pool project,and 3 renovations.

• We also got to know a lot of the local Realtor's very well. I often thought about getting my Realtors license. But that wouldn't be a creative outlet for me. And besides, the contract work is tough. I have a lot of respect for Realtors. A General Contractors license was another option. But once again more contracts and complications. That's when I discovered staging and redesign.

• I chose the Barbara Jennings Staging and Redesign certification course for my studies. She knows that each Stager business is as unique as the person running it. We all have different talents. The certification process was very challenging. You don't just attend a 3 day seminar and walk out with a sheet of paper and a pat on the back.

When it comes to these topics, selling, buying, construction, renovation, decoration, "Been there done that!"

Jean Caldwell css/crs

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"I would thoroughly recommend Jean. Thanks Jean for giving us a home that we can enjoy and be proud to bring people home to."

Dave S. Cocoa Beach FL

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I have always said I was going to be my own boss. I started my Stager business the usual way. Licenses, Marketing etc., but everywhere I went people asked me if I had a website.

I was on a site learning more about marketing when I discovered a link to SBI, or Site Build It. I clicked on it and was impressed with the program. I am not a computer person. I could barely check my email much less build a site.

I checked out some more information. The videos made by the SBI owners are great. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it out. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. Before I knew it I had this site up and running. I feel like I earned a 4 yr. degree with all I have learned.

Promoting yourself if you are a Realtor or Small Business owner can be done simply and 24/7 with this program.

"I used to think that being a home business meant competing with big business and less chance to succeed. Turns out big business is turning to what small business people at SBI already know."

Richard Cannon


"My Solo Build It Web site keeps growing and continues to deliver wonderful new patients to my dental office each month (now averaging over 25 legitimate new patients per month from the Internet!)."

Dr. John Burch DDS


If you are like me you want to find out as much as you can before you make a decision. Go to this information page here on my site. I even have free e-books that you can download so you can take your time and learn as much as possible.

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