7 staging tips you must use before listing your home for sale.

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1.Have a home inspection. Important first step to staging. No surprises for you or the buyer. Fix as many issues as possible. Home inspectors will help you decide which repairs require a professional.

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2. Start packing. If you are serious about selling that means you have a place to go. Start packing you personal belongings. Pictures, seasonal clothing, extra furniture, everything you do not need to live at you present location. Taking the time to go through your stuff will help you get organized. Why move extra boxes? You will then be creating more space and your place will look larger. Keeping things clean will be a lot easier too.

3.Tend to the landscape. Staging means curb appeal. Get your trees and shrubs properly pruned. Keep grass mowed and watered. Weed any garden areas and add fresh mulch. Add potted flowers to your entry and any patio areas, keep them healthy and watered. You want the curb appeal to invite people in.

4.Clean, clean, clean. Make sure your house is as clean as possible. Hire a service to do a deep cleaning, then you can maintain it while you have the house on the market. Smells have a powerful influence on people. Get your carpets and tile floors cleaned by a professional. Scrub bathrooms and the kitchen. Make all glass surfaces and mirrors sparkle. Here is a quick tip, just before a showing, spray a single shot of diluted cleaner into the showers and sinks. It will smell like you just scrubbed everything down.

Clean and Deodorize it Right! If you are in the Brevard County area and you have an odor and spot problem go to this link for contact information. Cigarette, cigar and pet odors are a big problem! This guy will help you clean and deodorize your place before you list it. The nose knows!

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5.Remove your valuables. Pack up all of your precious collections. You will be taking them with you when you move anyway. Remember strangers will be coming into your house. If you have delicate or valuable pieces, don’t take the risk of losing anything. The Realtors will appreciate this. Important paperwork and other items that you don’t need day to day can be packed up and stored. Create a “take away” file box for stuff like purses, wallets, check books etc. Grab and go is the rule when showing your property. Take it with you during the showing and you won’t be worried about it.

6.Accentuate the positive. If you have a great view make sure the windows and doors are clean and the window treatments are wide open. Fire place? Dress it up a little. Arrange the furniture to take advantage of these focal points and invite buyers to sit and linger.

7.Do your homework when hiring a Realtor. If you have any special needs you should be able to find a Realtor that has knowledge in that area. Everyone is different. Interview several so you can get an idea if you will work well together. I wouldn’t try to sell my house without one.

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