Staging, what is it?

Staging works!"2007 HomeGain Survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide found that moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80.00 - $2,080.00, made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold."

Staging a house for sale has become a necessary step in real estate marketing. Gone are the days when you could just list a home and sell it right away.

Now that the market is saturated you need to have a place that is ready to move into. This is what you hear from Realtors and others in the business. It’s true. But what people don’t realize is how big the process really is. It's a great way to make the whole move less stressful for you and your Realtor.

Sure this is about de-cluttering, and moving furniture around. It is also a critical step in helping you let go. It gets you focused and organized.

When you fix up your home, you are preparing yourself as much as the house. Let’s face it, selling your home for whatever reason can be overwhelming. You are looking at two transitions. Moving out and moving in.

Lets start with the house. Get it inspected. Having a professional inspection done is valuable to you and the buyer. Nobody likes surprises. Fix as many issues as possible. The payoff at closing will be worth it.

If you know where you are going start packing. Decide what you will use at your new place. Get rid of any extra furniture that might not be moving with you. This will open up more space at the house. You will be making progress toward your goal of moving on.

Remember you are letting strangers into your home. Pack up all valuables. Help out the Realtors that will be showing your place. The last thing they need to worry about is something disappearing. Help them focus on their job of showing your home.

Have your carpets or tile floor professionally cleaned. Remember you may have moved your furniture around and this will change the traffic patterns on you carpet. You home will smell a lot better too. Get into a morning routine that includes making beds and picking up. This will let you show your home at a moments notice. Having your house ready to show can be a deal maker or breaker.

Remember you are moving on to a new place. Keep looking forward in positive anticipation. Get excited. It will make the prep feel less like work. I know it’s not easy. I’ve had to do this many times.

If your house is fixed up properly you will feel better about showing it. For more details check out the 7 "Must Do" tips link at the bottom of the page. Take my advice, make it easy on yourself and do it right.

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