The Un-staged House

The typical house on the market is the un-staged house. No matter how nice the location, size of the yard, or view out the kitchen window, it is still un-staged.

Why do sellers make things harder on themselves and their Realtors? You have to ask yourself how serious are you about selling your property. Buyers are going to walk through and miss all of the good things your house has to offer.

Take this property for instance. This is a typical waterfront home in Merritt Island FL. It has a lot going for it.

You've seen it on TV over and over. The fact is, Staging your home for sale is worth the effort.

unstaged front yard

Nice mature trees in the landscape, a professional pruning would do wonders.

unstaged front yard needs clean up

In this yard the palms only need the dead branches removed. The sprinkler system should be checked to make sure it is operating properly and the grass kept mowed and trimmed.

Remember do not let the tree man ever hurricane cut your palms. There is nothing attractive about a palm with no fronds.

Rubber tree planted too close to house causing plumbing and foundation problems

Here is another issue that should be addressed. This large rubber tree is too close to the foundation of the garage. The roots can ruin the foundation and clog up the sewer lines.

Rubber tree branches growing too close to power lines can cause problems

These branches also pose a threat to the lines running to the house. It would be worth the cost to have it professionally removed.

Curb Appeal

unstaged house entry

This entry leaves a lot to be desired. The way it looks now is not very inviting. This house has a very desirable curved driveway. It can be dressed up quite nicely.

unstaged house entry and planters

These planters are great features. But at the un-staged house they are overgrown. The trellis and the extra pots are old. The only thing a buyer sees is all the clutter. First impressions people!

Removing all of the plants and starting over with annuals and mulch would do wonders.


unstaged house entry needs staging to dress it up

The entry can use some TLC. A new door mat and a potted plant on the left hand side would spruce it up. On the inside, an area rug and a picture would be nice.

empty unstaged house needs deep cleaning and staging with funiture

Upon entry the un-staged house smells. One thing to know is the power of smell. A bad smell is hard to get past when you are looking at a house. It is vacant so it would be easy to deep clean and repaint.

Area rugs with a couple of chairs would help this empty space. You want the buyers to get the feel of your house. If you give them a place to sit they can linger.

unstaged dining room

This dining room is lost. It needs an area rug and a small table with just two chairs to make it work. Potpourri on the table would help freshen it up.

unstaged laundry room

Nice! An indoor laundry room. Adding a picture and a nice stack of towels and a decorative box would dress it up a little.

unstaged bedroom or office

Is this a bedroom or a giant walk-in closet? Let's make it look like the perfect home office. Add a desk and chair with a few decorative file type boxes to show how much storage there is. An area rug would break up the red carpeting a little.

unstaged bathroom

The bathrooms aren't too bad they just need to be cleaned, polished, and dressed up a little. The gold accents should go. New hardware and faucets would help.

unstaged kitchen

Deep clean and repair of grout would really help this kitchen. A few well chosen accessories would give it a homey feel. Even a silk arrangement would be nice.

unstaged patio

What a great patio area. Too bad the only thing buyers notice is the strange pots lined up on the wall. These need to go. The fallen leaves should be swept regularly.

A patio set would help define just how large this space really is.

unstaged gardens

This house has some wonderful garden areas. It has been nicely set up with trellises and pavers. All it needs is some cleaning up. The buyers see work, work, work.

unstaged gardens

Do you see a great bed for a vegetable garden? Or a lot of work? Get rid of the PVC. Clean up this garden and you have a selling point.

unstaged shed

Nice shed! Oops, what a mess. A little effort would go a long way.

unstaged boat house

A Boat house! Huge selling point. Get the buyers outside and keep them out there long enough to take in all the great aspects of this property. Right now they walk out and turn around.

This is actually a very nice property located in central, east Merritt Island. It also has a concrete pad on the side for boat or RV storage.

The un-staged house will sit longer because it is tired. The buyers are distracted by the tasks at hand. It is not ready to move into. That is what they think. There are a lot of other homes to look at.

Don't be the owner of the un-staged house. Do it right. Get on with your life.

If you have questions about staging your house go to the Contact page and email me directly.

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